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Fiscon Consulting is an Advisory-Consulting company in Madrid, made up of economists, graduates in business sciences, tax technicians and graduates in tax and business law who gather the knowledge and experience necessary to help you meet all your obligations, accounting, tax, labor And legal for your company.

For Fiscon Consulting all your customers are important. Therefore, we give a direct service both in person and by telephone to all of them.

At Fiscon Consulting in Madrid, we are aware that an entrepreneur does not need an advisory to know if his business or company is feasible or not, we know that what an entrepreneur needs is to meet his obligations, both fiscal and legal, for that, we put At your disposal all our knowledge to make your business much more profitable.

For all this, from Fiscon Consulting in Madrid we can guarantee that we offer a high quality service and a guarantee of tax savings and labor contracting, which is what a company needs to be viable.

We put at the disposal of our clients the most advanced techniques and business information that exists in the market, both in specific advice and in comprehensive advice.

In Fiscon Consulting, we are experts in the fiscal area, our objective is to obtain the maximum tax advantages, within the compliance with the current tax regulations. The goal is to obtain the greatest savings and the highest profitability for your company.

We manage a wide range of services, from the constitution of a company, starting from a market study, to see the viability of the company or product, to the internal organization of the general administration of society, through management control until The audit, and all legal, labor and tax assessments.

The main services we offer are:


  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  • Consulting – Tax Consultancy
  • Business Consulting
  • Consulting – Legal and Legal Consulting

These services are essential for the start up of a company, due to the small margin of maneuver that the enterprising companies have in their beginnings, for that reason they require a consultancy – advice to start up their business plan, that is why Fiscon Consulting Provides all these services so that your company has the highest profitability that a company needs to be able to survive in the business market, without taxes being a problem for the same.

At Fiscon Consulting, our main objective is to develop the company's activities with a philosophical approach based on the provision of efficient and quality services, providing the maximum creative solutions to business management, as well as covering those areas that have not been developed in its Own company, due to the complexity and the changes on the part of the administration.