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Consulting and labor consultancy for companies


For Fiscon Consulting consulting in Madrid the management of the labor department is very important and very sensitive, so we offer a good organization to work perfectly your personnel department.

Choosing a good adviser for this service reduces risks and avoids problems, taking into account above all a significant saving of costs.

Fiscon Consulting consultants in Madrid are committed to security and confidentiality in the process of preparing payroll, contracts, etc … .. We are experts in this kind of commitments, since our team is prepared to Work hand in hand with your personnel department to achieve success and the solution most appropriate to the needs of your company, so we offer the following services, so that your department is fully formed for the beginning of its activity.


  •     Registration of the Company in the Social Security.
  •     Prevention of occupational hazards
  •     Staff pick
  •     Affiliation of workers, ups, downs and variations.
  •     Analysis and study for the recruitment of personnel.
  •     Preparation and presentation of contracts.
  •     Preparation of payroll, ordinary, extraordinary and liquidations.
  •     Elaboration of taxes and presentation
  •     Planning and study of dismissals, Records of Employment Regulation (ERES).
  •     Corporate restructuring and collective bargaining.