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Legal and Legal Advice

The lawyers of Fiscon Consulting Asesoría in Madrid are specialists for their great professional qualification with the know-how of their business. They have strategies and therefore allow them to provide legal and legal advice adapted to the reality of their business and their clients, being able to manage complex transactional operations, maintain knowledge of local markets and meet the needs of their clients by providing the best advice.

The services offered by Fiscon Consulting Asesoría de Madrid are:


  •     Market studies
  •     Company Formation
  •     Corporate changes
  •     Cease and Appointment of administrators, board of directors.
  •     Solution for situations of corporate and equity imbalance
  •     Administrative Resources, before the Administration
  •     Contingencies and special situations of companies and workers
  •     Guidance in the labor and fiscal management of the company
  •     Presentation and processing of briefs and consultations before the various bodies.
  •     Elaboration and negotiation of contracts.
  •     Registration and protection of patents and trademarks.
  •     Management of non-payment.
  •     Dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  •     Business restructuring operations.
  •     All kinds of legal actions against the Public Administration.
  •     Legal assistance in business economic crimes.
  •     Fiscal and Market Strategies
  •     Management of non-payment.